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Nina (feat. AKTHESAVIOR)


Lately running out of patience

Don’t time to be stuck in my placement

I’m in the sky when puffing them flavors

She down ride she be tucking that laser

Travel the globe by just by speaking my soul never switch sides I remain with my bros

Stoned like Goliath but still in my zone

Had to reach higher to get to my goals

Uh get the lettuce got a veggie fetish

Keep the Nina on me make a nigga perish they gone need a chalk I had to teach a lesson

Now my life is different and that shit a blessing nigga

Call her Tesla she don’t hold the thing

Got them feeling threatened vs1 the chain

Higher learning when I burn the Jane

When I take a hit it’s like I board a plane

Never quitting I got more to gain

Balling hard I need that hall of fame I just fucked your bitch and I. D.o.n.t know her name nigga fuck a image this shit in my veins

I can’t be committed I just get the brain

Make it disappear like David Blane

Feed your spirit with that knovicaine

I was going through it you don’t know the pain

You don’t know pain nigga

See how far we came nigga Never break the code this The life we chose

Got no choice bang wit it And you know gang wit it Count it up we stay winning Everything on froze

From the head to toe

Now these hoea draining him

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Nina (feat. AKTHESAVIOR)のジャケット写真

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