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Toshi Maruhashi / Works vol.2
Music by Toshi Maruhashi / Album art by Junya Ogushi (mepakura)

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Works vol.2

iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 3 • 9 Nov 2019 Apple Music • Instrumental Top Albums • Japan • TOP 64 • 3 Apr 2022

It's a sunny day

Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Portugal • TOP 117 • 24 Apr 2020

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  • Toshi Maruhashi

    Toshi Maruhashi is a musician and guitarist based in Tokyo, Japan, with a background in music and various collaborations with notable musicians. Here's a profile summary of Toshi Maruhashi based on the provided information: Toshi Maruhashi started his music career in Osaka, Japan. In October 2010, he traveled to New Orleans and recorded his debut album at Nori Naraoka's home studio. The album featured the legendary blues guitarist Junshi Yamagishi. He later formed the Toshi Maruhashi Group and collaborated with various musicians, including Marty Bracey, the drummer for the band Monta & Brothers. In 2014, he spent three months in New York, where he engaged in sessions with diverse musicians and performed in various settings, such as subway platforms and restaurants. He has since relocated to Tokyo and is actively involved in producing his own music, as well as providing support as a guitarist for singers and bands. From 2021, Toshi Maruhashi has been involved in karaoke audio production for the impressionist comedian Korokke, participated as a guitarist in the 5656 Band during the "Mane Fest in Kumamoto," and was part of the KenKoro Band for "Matsudaira Ken x Korokke ~Entertainment Soul!". He is also a regular participant in the ending segment of the ads.FM show "Takeda Kyosuke's Live Music." Notable individuals he has supported as a guitarist include Korokke and Kyosuke Takeda. He has collaborated with various artists such as Junshi Yamagishi, Nori Naraoka, akiko, Takeshi Okawa (Okawa & The Rulers), Toshitaka Shibata (PONTA BOX), Olivia Burrell, Marty Bracey (Monta & Brothers), Eric Bolivar, Simon Lott, Brian Coogan, Mark Mullins (Bonerama), Kenji Nagasaka, Mutsumi Takenaka, Yuki Otsuka, and Heartful Funks, among others. Toshi Maruhashi has made appearances in various media outlets, including ZIP FM 77.8MHz's "VIEWS OF REVIEWS" ending segment, Radio Osaka, KBS Kyoto Radio, FM Senri, FM Amagasaki, and more. Toshi Maruhashi's career reflects a diverse range of musical experiences and collaborations in both Japan and the United States, making him a versatile and accomplished guitarist in the music industry.

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