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iTunesチャートで初登場1位を記録したiamSHUMの3rd Album「Beautiful Melodies」からREMIXIES EPが登場!!
「Future Techno」「House」「Progressive Techno」など現在数々のDJがPLAYしているジャンルに挑戦!!

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Beautiful MelodiBeautiful Melodies REMIXIESes REMIXIES

iTunes Store • Dance TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 1 • 10 Sep 2022 Apple Music • Dance Top Albums • Macao • TOP 4 • 22 Jan 2023


Deezer • Country top charts • Malaysia • TOP 37 • 14 Sep 2022


Deezer • Country top charts • Malaysia • TOP 77 • 14 Sep 2022

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Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 12 Sep 2022

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  • iamSHUM

    iamSHUM February 8, 1989 CLMX RECORDS / WARNER HYPE MUSIC Label Head. Vocalist / Lyricist / Composer / Sound Producer / Video Director / Illustrator One of Japan's leading music producers who handles everything from songwriting and track production to mastering himself. He has provided songs for Kumi Koda, Kis-My-Ft2, SEAMO, RADIO FISH, lol, and many other artists. He has also produced music for theme parks such as Universal Studios Japan, Seibuen Yuenchi, Huis Ten Bosch, Immersive Fort Odaiba, and Nesta Resort Kobe. His song "Beautiful Melodies" about his love for legendary producer Avicii (deceased in 2018) became a hot topic, and he became the Japan ambassador for the Swedish brand "MODE COLD BREW COFFEE," which was created with Avicii's support. Started his music career in 2003. Debuted as an independent artist. In 2017, he sang the theme song for Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA in the Ultraman series. In April 2018, he established a new label "CLMX Records" with himself as the label head. Performed at "ULTRA KOREA17," "ULTRA KOREA18," and "ULTRA JAPAN18. Also performed at "Universal Studio Japan Countdown Party" for 4 consecutive years. April 2019 1st Album "I AM THE BEST" debuted at #1 on the iTunes chart for 1 week. June 2021 2nd Album "Next Level(s)" reached #1 on the iTunes chart April 2022The song "Genseki", a collaboration with the platform company "GENSEKI" in the illustrator's company "viviON", reached No.1 on the iTunes overall chart May 2022 3rd Album "Beautiful Melodies" debuts at #1 on the iTunes chart October 2022: Established "WARNER HYPE MUSIC" as the label head within the major label "WARNER MUSIC JAPAN". He has produced music for numerous artists and theme parks while also performing his own musical activities.

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