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This is PREFIX 16th EP "CLOUD". The previous EP "cafe lounge" was a collection of adult BGM, but this one is more trendy and current.
This time, we are back to our roots again with a variety of genres, not conceptual. Trap, Jersey Club, Drum 'n Bass, Future Soul, Chill Electro, and so on. This EP is a unique EP of PREFIX with many different types of music.
As with the previous EP, we hope you will enjoy it in a variety of settings. we hope you can enjoy it in various scenes.

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    they founded their original label GODINFIELD and started their business selling and delivering their products on iTunes store and many other website, both nationally and internationally. Their musical genres are POP, Blue-eyed soul, Dance music, Rock, etc. Both Tk, with his broad range and MAIRI, with her musical roots, are a proof of diversity, which is PREFIX's (Pre-Fix) concept. Anyway, this is just the beginning of the story, since their never-ending story has just begun.............

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