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9/28Subscrire's "Fader," a first-person portrayal of a strong female minded woman, will be transformed into a second-person song through collaboration, a collaborative release project that will be reborn in various colors with each artist's lyrics and vocals.

The first in the "Fader" collaboration series features SMOOTH, leader of the Kyoto-based four-member vocal performance group WITHDOM.

"Can you turn up the fader in my heart?
U.for sings about a woman with a strong feminine spirit that naturally shows glimpses of her.

"You're playing the part of a strong woman, but you're really timid in love, aren't you? Don't worry. I'm not playing around, and I'll give you the sound you're missing, so let's play it together."
SMOOTH sings a message from a man as an answer song to a woman with a strong woman's heart.

The song is a love song with a gentle and chill J-R&B sound with electric guitar and acoustic guitar phrases and the pleasant sound of an electric piano.

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