World of Vortex

  1. World of Vortex

1st collaboration single
[World of Vortex]

. Express a strange and unique view of the world
A project in which an outside songwriter (APOLO)the novel of a horror writer (Uzuya) as music

As the first bullet
[World of whirlpool] released! ! !


.Uzuaya HP


葡萄 形 葡萄 会 (When tunecore music registration was solo activity under the name of Apollo) Outside songwriter / APOLLO (lyric, composition, arrangement) Youkai painter / nakasou (illustration, shooting, editing) Human imitation writer / Uzura mansion (original, original plan) Composed of various genre writers It is a creator group Dark, horror genre is the center I try to make it a work of art Thank you in advance!

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