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Artist :Star Sugar We produce original sounds in Japan.

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  • Star Sugar

    I'm an artist living in Japan, and I use music production software DAW to create original music on my computer. This project started about 10 years ago, but there have been periods of temporary inactivity during that time. At first, I only used an iPad tablet app, but since then I have been using a combination of apps and computers for production activities. Currently, I use Korg Gadget or GarageBand to create the general sound, and for the final touches I use Ableton Live or Logic Pro. I have also used the Korg iKaossilator in the past. My songs are mainly songs without vocals, and I create a wide range of genres from upbeat tracks to quiet songs. It includes elements close to techno, electronic, and dance, but pursues a wide range of musical styles without being bound by genre. I would be very happy if my music made you feel something and enjoyed it. Let's continue to share wonderful musical experiences together. Please enjoy my music!

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