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In a world where people feel overwhelmed by Lucchism (supremacy in appearance) and find it difficult to live, a refreshing song was born that affirms diversity head-on.

Zinee, who is a multi-talented singer, lyricist, composer, and illustrator, chose the theme of "Naked Heart" for this song.

It's okay to take off your clothes. It's okay if you're wrong." This is a scathing social satire that takes a leap of faith in a society that follows the right path.
Despite this, the lyricism with its fairy-tale word sense and the exquisite melody that is comfortable to the ear embody Zinee's "FANTACY & SPICY" worldview. The vocal work is also a must-hear, as it shows the versatility and breadth of Zinee's vocal ability, which is not limited to her classical and vocal music experience.
As a guest performer, she has collaborated with DABO, a legend in the Hip Hop world who needs no explanation! DABO is a master of Japanese rap, with a flow that can change freely and a sense of language that is both intelligent and funny, and he has an impressive presence in the world of "Suponpon.
Based on an authentic club sound, he mixes the groove of Amapiano, a genre of music originating in Africa that has become a major movement around the world, and sublimates it into an exhilarating Hip Hop that will make your body move.

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  • Zinee

    Her theme is "Fantasy & Spicy", and her sense of originality is unparalleled. She works as a borderless artist. She is a talented singer who expresses a genre-less sound (world) with her many years of experience in classic music and voice, the feeling of R&B, and her unique sensibility, which is her greatest weapon. She started playing classical piano at an early age, and at the same time was impressed by Maria Callas and started to play the voice. In the third year of junior high school, she started to listen to R&B, POPS and JAZZ, and started to work as a singer under the influence of Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga. Other influences are Maria Callas, Mirella Freni, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald...etc. She is currently making use of his own sensibilities and aims to create new pop music that has a sense of the near future and the universe, while being grounded in R&B, JAZZ and Electro. He is a multi-player who is not only a singer, but also a songwriter and a track-maker. In 2018, She provided music for a famous girls group and In 2019, She was in the chorus of a famous artist and In 2020, She will produce and provide the opening song for the channel of Briana Gigante, a popular YouTuber who has about 50,000 registered users, and She will be in the spotlight. In addition to her music, she is also an icon with her unique fashion, style and philosophy based on the theme of "Fantasy & Spicy".

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