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This song was first released on YouTube after the release of the 1st. singel "Scattered Flowers".
The song, which began as a memoir by Gt.Vo. Naruse, expresses the impermanence of time as it moves forward with lost lives at its side.
The song is a gem of a single colored by a string arrangement that depicts how the "program" engraved in genes moves and destroys people's lives.

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    Formed in November 2022. "Naruse", who has participated in many bands and served as a guitar vocalist, has started a new project. He is a songwriter and produces more sophisticated ambient rock than ever before. Kotori plays a piano with a beautiful melody and works on a one-of-a-kind chord arrangement. Taking advantage of her orchestral experience, she was also in charge of string arrangements in one of the songs "Sayoko" from the 1st EP "To a place farther away than heaven". For each song, various musicians participate and are active not only in music as a band.

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