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The latest sound source that it becomes about five years since the last from Daisuke Nakane previous work "FLAMINGO."
Four pieces of EP containing it including the sequel-like view of the world of album "Namida-no-Ichi" where this product named "Namida-no-San" was released for the continuous chorus of cicadas era.

The too new daily life continues.

It is simple, and, with a singing voice of Nakane who became stronger, band arrangement of the three-piece formation that I got back to resounds pleasantly more softly.

Artist Profile

  • Daisuke Nakane

    A male singer-songwriter from December 24, 1982 birth, Shizuoka. I am in charge of vocal & guitar from 2001 through 2008 in the band called the continuous chorus of cicadas. A debut major from August, 2006, universal music. As for the favorite thing, it is played catch a guitar, a creature, beer, a motorcycle. The cutlet curry of the noodle shop.

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