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An authentic and strong GRADIS NICE track with a hybrid MULBE rapand a rhyming master BES rap. JUICY SOUND that brings out all the flavors is like a hamburger. MUSIC VIDEO shot at JUICY BURGER with MULBE and BES is also a must-see.

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    He performs over 50 shows a year all over the country, proving their existence with their voice and MOVE. One of Japan's leading dope MCs who spit soul with a rough voice. A member of N.E.N, a rap duo consisting of "D.D.S'' and "MULBE'' who have shook heads all over the country. In 2021, N.E.N will officially stop their activities and take further steps to each stage. In MC BATTLE, which continues to enter without change, in the UMB2013 Hiroshima preliminaries, he won all the games in advance and won the championship. Participated in the OF KINGS 2018 GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL, participated in the UMB main match in 2019 as a representative of Hiroshima, and in 2021 won the KOK Hiroshima qualifier, leaving a mark. In 2019, he welcomed MACKA-CHIN as Executive Producer & DJ and released his first solo work "MOVE mixed by MACKA-CHIN". At the end of 2020, the 1st ALBUM "FAST&SLOW" ( will be released on CD / record. In the summer of 2021, the night out anthem "Night comes REMIXE"( produced by MACKA-CHIN will be released on 12 inches. In the spring of 2022, the 2nd ALBUM "LIFE GOES ON", which was produced after overcoming various difficulties after the release of the 1st ALBUM, will be released.

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