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  • Shinyong the Chameleon

    Shinyong is a dynamic performer driven by an urge to express herself in ways that beautify the world around her. A nonbinary artist, singer, fashion model, actor, songwriter, and wife, Shinyong has a deep respect for the dramatic and abundant compassion for others. From her college days at the Tokyo University of Foreign Languages pursuing a career in international diplomacy to her early career as an actress in Japanese film and theater, Shinyong's life is guided by a simple motto: Transform the sorrows and joys of this world into beauty. Now an active recording artist and performer, Shinyong balances her time between New York City and Detroit, Michigan. Born in Okinawa to a family that moved often, Shinyong took pride in her father's job as a bomb-remover for the Japanese army. His example taught her to value meaningful work, while the tropical, cosmopolitan setting of her upbringing taught her to respect nature and appreciate diversity. Shinyong's early career in fashion (walking runways for Tokyo Fashion Week, appearing in magazines and ad campaigns) led to an interest in aesthetics, proportion, and design. She began creating clothes for her performances, and eventually embarked on a career in acting, appearing in several major motion pictures as well as Japanese theater. In 2017 Shinyong recorded and released her first album, Triangulum*, featuring songs written in Japanese, Korean, and English. In 2018 she released five additional singles* online, and was selected as a finalist for Emergenza Japan (a festival for emerging musicians) and for the Tauvertal Festival in Germany. Shinyong uses her extensive knowledge of art and fashion to create stunning costumes for her performances, and her background in theater informs her captivating stage presence. Forever dedicated to sharing her inner world with those around her, Shinyong's goals remain clear as her career in music blossoms: "I want to express the beauty of life and contribute my energy to creating a more peaceful world. I want to go onstage and move people."

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