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Shabon is Here

  1. Only You
  2. Direct Way
  3. Yes ! I Can ! !
  4. Blue Sky
  5. Season of a Chinese lantern plant
  6. First love
  7. The love constitution
  8. The Earth of Water
  9. Blue Rose Dream
  10. I Pray For You
  11. The Sun Birth
  12. I Wish To You
  13. I Pray for You (1st.Sample)



Just Relax and Have Some Fun! We Are Shabon(soap Bubbles). Singer-Song Writer Mariko and Sound Engineer Shingo-Kun. ;D Hello there! I'm mariko of the pop group shabOn(shabon). How're you doing? Singer-songwriter with the piano. Our group name "shabOn" means a soap bubble!I'm not good at English , but I'm not afraid to make a mistake. Yes! I Can!! ;D So , I began the English-language blog ! Luvs cats, Okayama-ben, UDON, Okayama,western Japan Relax , Take it Easy ! ...I'm a Tomboy girl ;D

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