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ブレーン委嘱 6作品を含む8曲を収録! 小~中編成バンドの新たな「定番」はここから生まれる!

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  • Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Central Band

    The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Central Band was established in June 1951 under the auspices of the National Police Reserve, forerunner to the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, and has been performing ever since. Throughout the last 68 years, it has remained one of the Japan's best-known wind ensembles. As reporting directly to the Minister of Defense, the Central Band has taken part in more than 1400 performances for delegations from a total number of about 100 countries to welcome state guests and official visitors and at national events.In 2015, the Prime Minister granted a special award for our achievements. The Central Band's main activities include regular concerts in the Tokyo metropolitan area, chamber music concerts, national tour concerts or promenade concerts in business districts. It also appears at a wide range of events such as joint concerts with Bands from the Maritime and Air Self-Defense Forces, the Japan Self-Defense Force Marching Festival held in the Nippon Budokan arena.The Central Band also participated in projects such as "Kyo-en-Prosperous Future for Band into the 21st Century" and The Japan Band Clinic. Furthermore, the Central Band provides education and training for members of the other Ground Self-Defense Force bands all over the country as well as produces music CDs.

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