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We are inspired by Gospel music. Its sound, its spirit & power.
Although this song is not about Christ neither bible, you soul will be blessed by its sound especially when you know what this song is about (The song is mainly in Japanese language).
This is a song for men and women who came from where he/she had nothing.

Mixed by MD Stokes, Stellar Award nominee producer/engineer and mastered by Rodger Willis, mastering engineer for Donnie McLarkin. Thus we are affected by Gospel music.

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  • Dreamers Union Choir

    An inspirational choir composed of 14 auditioned singers. Singing all the songs about Love, Peace, Dream, Hope and Divinity. We are singing on 2 tracks on an NAACP Image Award winning album "The Sounds Of Blackness" (2012) with legendary The Sounds Of Blackness.

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