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A summer tune with a chilled beat and relaxed rap that fits well. The artist self-produced not only the lyrics, but also beat-making, recording, mixing, mastering, and all other artwork.

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  • Gear 2nd

    This group is made up of two singers and song writers, Soutenbo and Yuki. They normally live and perform in Tokyo, but often go to the Kansai area including Nagoya and Osaka for performances. Focusing mainly on love songs, their songs are well-known to a wide range of people and age groups. In June, 2011, Soutenbo released a song from Universal Music titled "iitakatta.. ienakatta.." which featured Yuki. This song ranked number one on the Rekocyoku Music Club. Ever since that hit song, they have been singing together. They have also been working as song writers and writing for such famous artists as, Kana Nishino, GENERATIONS, Kis-MY-F2, Cyoushinsei and many more.

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