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A-Team's Fables

Rikuto AF, KM, Osteoleuco, Lil' Leise But Gold & Ettoman

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A-Team's Fables is the debut track from newly launched Japanese-American hip-hop label, Frank Renaissance. The track was produced by leading Japanese hip-hop producer, KM and is lead by Rikuto AF, New York-based rapper turned NBA YouTuber with over 100K subscribers. The track also features piano and rap duo, Osteoleuco, singer/songwriter Lil' Leise But Gold, and 2017 Japan Beatbox Champion, Ettoman. The track will be accompanied by a merch release with California-based designer, Lorien Stern and Harajuku basketball streetwear brand Coast2Coast. The beat for the track was made pulling inspiration from the gritty, basketball vibes of Coast2Coast and the magical animal world of Lorien Stern. A group effort featuring six musicians based in Tokyo and New York across a diverse range of styles (R&B, Trap, and Lo-fi) the track takes this inspiration from basketball culture and the animal kingdom to create a universally relatable song about teamwork, overcoming struggle, and love.

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A-Team's Fables

iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 26 • 26 Nov 2020

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A-Team's Fables

Spotify • AVYSS • 1 Dec 2020 Spotify • Monday Spin • 30 Nov 2020

Artist Profile

  • Rikuto AF

    With nearly 100K YouTube subscribers, NY-based Rikuto AF has fashioned himself into the Stephen A. Smith of Japan-except much more humble and less braggadocious. Still, his basketball culture knowhow and bonafides cannot be disputed. Through his vlogs about the NBA and the sport more broadly, Rikuto has cultivated a devoted Japanese audience. Along with being an NBA analyst, Rikuto is also an accomplished artist, gaining fame through his "Rap to Learn" English-education video series. More recently, in Feb. 2020, he released the single "Bounce," a rap tribute to Kobe Bryant featuring Kuwaiti-Japanese rapper 2rabu.

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  • KM

    KM long ago established himself as more than just the go-to hip-hop producer and DJ of Japan. He eschews flashy signature sounds or producer tags in favor of the quality and content of his output. His 325K+ Monthly Spotify Listeners belies his influence, reach, and credibility. As we eagerly await his second studio album, we can expect him to build off of the career-defining and boundary-breaking tracks he's made with the biggest names in the scene such as JP THE WAVY, SALU, BAD HOP, Daichi Yamamoto, Weny Dacillo, SKY- HI, Lex & (sic)boy.

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  • Osteoleuco

    Lead rapper of MGF, KSK and pianist and producer, Shimon Hoshino join forces as Osteoleuco.

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  • Lil' Leise But Gold

    Lil' Leise But Gold is a Tokyo-based singer/songwriter and beatmaker, quickly gaining notoriety in the local underground music scene. Singing was always a part of Lil' Leise's life growing up, ever since she first heard the rich tones of Lauryn Hill in "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit" as a young girl. Her recent hits include "(no) reason" (2019), "24 rules" (2019), and "(no) reason bitter coco remix" (2020).

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  • Ettoman

    Born in Singapore, he spent his years moving to various countries in Asia and Oceania including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. Beatboxing became an obsession when he came across a group of students rapping during lunch time. Since that day, he taught himself to become not just a beatboxer for rappers but as a solo artist. Since his first entry to the Japanese Beatbox Championship in 2011, he spent most of his career performing on both national and international battle stages and live events. Ettoman is a 2x Japan Human Beatbox Champion.

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