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RyokoShiraishi 15th anniversary single

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  • RyokoShiraishi

    Singer & songwriter Born in Tokyo While attending college, Ryoko was inspired by the albums of Cocco and Alanis Morissette and started composing and writing lyrics. Debuted on CD in 2005 with "Assembling". Since the 5th year of her debut, Ryoko has been touring all over Japan every year in the style of singing with the piano (HIKIGATARI style). 2008 Launched Ryoko's self-label "Chiffon Records" So far, Ryoko has released 4 albums and 2 singles by self-produced. In 1996, before her debut, Ryoko was selected as a vocalist of the ending theme in "Tekken 2"/"Landscape Under the Ghost ~ KAMINANO ~" As this KAMINANO became a legendary song among Tekken fans and is very popular overseas, it was re-recorded by Ryoko Shiraishi in "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" and released in 2012. (The original arranged version is also included in her album, "Unfilm" released in 2012) In 2017, released "My Boyfriend Is Hidariyotsu / Kimarite 82 / History of Sumo" as a theme of "Ozumou"(Sumo wrestling), which Ryoko loves so much. Lyrical words that portrays this moment, and a familiar melody with her transparent and comfortable singing voice. In 2020, as the 15th anniversary of debut Ryoko Shiraishi continues to change rhythmically and powerfully. In December, the 15th anniversary digital single, "Kirakira Haruka" and "Te To Te (Hand to Hand)" will be released.

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