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ピアノPOPSユニット「はんぶんはれ」の4th Single『猫のかけら』!!
Mix/Masteringはshowmoreなどを手掛ける向 啓介を迎え、一段とより完成度が高い楽曲となっています。

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  • hanbunhare

    We are Japanese Pops Unit, Hanbunhare from Tokyo since 2020. ▼Who We Are? Yuna, who is a vocalist, started singing songs in a band when she was 16 years old, and is strongly influenced by J-POP such as aiko and K-POP such as TWICE, and creates lyrics and melodies. Shun, a keyboardist, started playing Classic as a child and started playing as a Jazz pianist when he was 18 years old. Right now he is devoted to Pops and he is composing and arranging. ▼What Song We Creating Like? We are creating a beautiful J-POP that combines the brilliant sound of an acoustic piano that keyboardist Shun is good at, and the delicate and lively voice of Yuna. ▼Discography 2020.5 1st Single "はんぶんはれ (Half Sunny)" / 2nd Single "彗星と君色 (Comet and Your Color)" 2020.8 1st EP "夏の匂いと記憶(Memory in Summer)"

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