New Chapter

  1. New two wishes
  2. Shinjiteru
  3. Egao no Tane
  4. Yume no Kanata
  5. Shooting Star
  6. Meguru Omoi
  7. Eien no Tomodachi
  8. Gyu tu to
  9. My Shangri-La
  10. Arigatou no Uta
  11. Daijyobu
  12. Ano Shimae
  13. kazunoko Nannoko

This is an omnibus album that I made with friends I met through ukulele.
Most artists are beginners.
I want to make our feelings into a song. And I want you to listen.
Made with such a passion.
Both song and performance are ugly.
An album full of our passion and love for music.
Please listen.

There is a bonus track in the download version.
3 songs by producer "Shinjiro".
"Kazunoko Nannoko"

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