1. Dyeing (feat. 大角龍太朗)
  2. 【ばいばい】 (Remix)

Toki 6th Digital Single
2019.10.19 Release

“ Dyeing “ feat. 大角龍太朗 (Ryutaro Osumi) from nurie


収録曲 Track List

M1. Dyeing feat. 大角龍太朗 (Ryutaro Osumi) from nurie

M2. ばいばい nurie (Toki Remix)


Toki Japanese / Chinese and based in New York, United States since 2019. Toki is a music producer, EDM track maker, remixer, and visual media composer. He started his career as Toki when his 2nd remix for Kumi Koda’s new album “DNA” released. Also, he remixed for several countries artists such as Pendulum, Lucrecia, BLKZEN and so on. One of the main concepts about his music style is Dramatic style with electro music. Mainly, his music inspired by Classical, Orchestra music, and game music. He also does arrangement works for Japanese bands $”Casper. , Screaming Inside Can Kill. And he is a main sound producer for Japanese idol unit “Divine’s Lie.” As a visual media composer, he composed for SHISEIDO CHINA 2019’s convention movie. Moreover, he composed soundtracks for the game by AR Game company “The Grave VR.” He established the project Toki in 2019 May, so it is going to be one of the brand new artists for the next generation.


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