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The 3rd single by the brother unit of Daisuke and Naoyuki.
The lyrics depicting the hero who falls into the love of a moment from the fluctuation of the ego and the hard sound with an edge.
With this song "Love & Hate", the beautiful harmony work unique to the brothers is still alive.

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  • S blood

    Brother unit by Daisuke and Naoyuki. While elder brother Daisuke is a guitarist and younger brother Naoyuki is a vocalist in each band, we formed a session unit with brothers in 2008. 1st Mini Album "S-BLOOD" will be released in 2019! In 2021, the unit name was changed to "S blood" and the activity resumed! On October 11th of the same year, 2nd Digital Single "Answer" was released, and 3rd Digital Single "Love & Hate" will be released on February 17th, 2022! 4th Digital Single "Aimaina koi to itte" was released on May 21th, 2023! Younger brother Naoyuki is in charge of the lyrics, and elder brother Daisuke is in charge of the composition. The harmony work unique to the brothers mixes beautifully, creating a unique tone.

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