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Gravity works between objects.
Even if you don't feel it, gravity continues to affect you.
The same is true of music.

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  • happo

    Composer, Arranger, Classical guitarist, Multi-instrumentalist. Happo plays a wide variety of instruments, including guitar, piano, shakuhachi, ocarina, melodica, accordion, and card-type music box. He has been releasing original works, arrangements, and accompaniments to classical pieces for over 20 years. Classically trained since childhood, he has studied piano and classical guitar, mastered harmony theory, and is currently studying Bach's fugues. The polyphonic nature of his compositions is due to Bach's influence. The cover arts for his music are produced by the illustrator katappo. The videos listed within this page are collaboration works with katappo, ones with the illustrator Yumirin, and music box & guitar demonstration by happo. As a classical guitarist, he plays a woody sound without fingernails. On Happo's YouTube channel, you can watch his guitar performance with his unique tuning.

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