Hoshi Ni Negai Wo (2019 Hey!Pole ver.)

  1. Hoshi Ni Negai Wo (2019 Hey!Pole ver.)

A theme songs of Stage Act "Hey! Pole"
Starring Ryota Yamamoto (Uchu Six / Johney's Jr.)


CUTT started his career as a vocalist of the band called shame and got popular with his unique singing style, profound lyrics and songs full of hooks. X JAPAN guitarist hide listened to his demo tape and decided to get him in hide's label "LEMONed". After breaking up of his first band "shame", He continued to write songs and sing in several bands as a front man. In 2011, CUTT finally found his way as a solo artist, and released his first album "Not So Far From Anywhere". Recently, his music is listened to not only by Japanese fans, but also by people all over the world!

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