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The 3rd full album for the first time in 3 years, with a period of inactivity from the previous work "CELEBRATION".

Includes a new recording version of the single "keep on dancing" released in 2019 and an album mix version of "Spring in midnight".

As a live support member, Yoshinari Kishida, Takuya Kanakawa, Togo Kumagai, Kanako Fukui, Taku Kameda, Kenji Hatakeyama, Shuta Nishida and SHIKATA participate in the recording.

Yoshimura himself is in charge of recording and mixing. Mastering is handled by Kento Ido.

The jacket is by Mika Kitamura.

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Spotify • Home Bound • 5 Mar 2021 Spotify • Edge! • 6 May 2020 Spotify • ブルーにこんがらがって • 6 May 2020

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