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Following the release of the EP "Smash!" at the beginning of 2021, the new album "peppermint life" approaches a more organic and lived-in sound, with "Minami Nakamura," who is active in the club scene in every direction, bringing her mellow lyrics to M1. Illiomote", who also collaborated on the previous EP, adds color to M2 with a nostalgic yet catchy melody and guitar. In M3, the rapper "Aoto," who is now moving forward at full speed, appears with his humorous yet lyrical lyrics.M4 is a sunny sound with a phai-like worldview. This work, which matches the summer scene, is sure to deeply penetrate into the lives of listeners.

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peppermint life

iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 34 • 13 Nov 2022

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