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パフSingle - MC BOODAH


A Japan-born half Japanese, half African-American George Williams, known as MC BOODAH, grew up as a military child in Okinawa, California and North Carolina. Born into a family of music lovers, he was influenced by many genres of music; his great taste in music coming from his mother and father's love for soul, funk, jazz and pop music. During Jr. High School in Okinawa, Japan, he encountered the music of Hip-Hop artists such as Biggie Smalls, Eminem, WUTANG and others that inspired him to begin writing his own rhymes. He was also heavily influenced and inspired by the spontaneous cyphers, rap battles and breakdancing that emerged at lunchtime. His passion for rapping, songwriting and popping continued to grow throughout his high school days in North Carolina. Upon graduation, BOODAH moved to Tokyo to study Japanese at Soka University Japan. There, he and a group of his friends started a music club called Soul Plug and soon after, he began performing throughout Japan with his group Kazoku. Shortly after graduating in 2011, BOODAH along with five other members started a crew called The Bridge. Enhancing their song writing and performance skills together, they released their first Mixtape (Bridge Mixtape Vol.1) in 2012, Bridge Mixtape Vol.2 in 2014 and Three San Trois in 2017. As members of the Black Radio Crew, The Bridge collaborated with many artists from Tokyo to release the Black Radio Mixtape in 2017. Since his university days, MC BOODAH developed a passion and skill for event organizing which eventually led to the birth of BEAT THE BEST TOKYO, a producer's beat battle which aims to connect artists, producers and music lovers to create an all-inclusive musical community. Choosing to lean into a wider spectrum of sounds and styles in order to convey a deeper array of emotions and topics, BOODAH has been working on his first solo EP entitled DECIDE which is set to be released on October 24, 2018. On this project produced by Renz Galvan, he features rapper Pablo Blasta and singer Maya Hatch. Whether it's his solo work or with The Bridge, BEAT THE BEST TOKYO, Black Radio Crew or UNME, MC BOODAH is sure to rock the mic right.