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A beautiful electro sound full of floating sensation that leads you to an imaginary world, expressed by tuLaLa, accompanying the story of the music picture book "LOMP". The picture book was created by Sapporo-based illustrator Shinya Chisato, who has created works overseas and posters for the Sapporo Short Film Festival, and the story was written by Vivi D, who lives in London. This is a long-awaited collaborative music picture book. The vividly colored art and tuLaLa's impressive piano and dreamy, beautiful electric sound will gently lead you to the world of your imagination. After listening to all the songs, you will feel as if you have just finished watching a movie.
Seven of the songs are instrumental and three are featured vocals by Chima, a singer-songwriter who is also active in the unit ikire with Shunji Iwai. Chima was selected for "MUSIC from N43" of Sapporo White Illumination in 2021.

Music,Arrangement,Programing,All Instruments : tuLaLa
Vocal : Chima (M2,M4,M6)
Lyric : Isis (M2)Chima (M4) Vivi D (M9)
Mixing : Shizuka Kanata
Mastering : Hirokazu Tsuruha (HIT STUDIO)

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  • tuLaLa

    The solo project of composer, arranger, and music producer Kayo Shimokawa. The project name "tuLaLa" is derived from the ice pillars that symbolize the winter landscape of Asahikawa, the extremely cold region where she was born and raised. Her music is a complex combination of glitchy, noisy, electric, and beautiful ambient piano music that creates a fantasy world. In 2018, he released "shizuku", and in 2019, he will host a live concert with ROTH BART BARON and a string quartet at WWW in Shibuya. He has released works with guest vocals by Masaya Mifune (ROTH BART BARON) and Tsuyoshi Nariyama (sleepy.ab), and has participated in the arrangement of sleepy.ab's remix of UQiYO's "151A" project.In 2021, he produced a picture book (with CD) with illustrator Shinya Chisato. In the same year, he started the unit Socca and has continued to release works. She also writes and arranges music under the name Kayo Shimokawa for Eir Aoi, Minori Chihara, the anime film Fate/Zero, and the stage and TV shows of TEAM NACS.and her music show "Eccentric Daze" is now on Spotify!

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