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This albums reflects the evolutionary road the band walked down over the last years. From enthralling the audience at Japan Expo, France to an intense one-man live session in Shimokitazawa Garden, Japan they are now returning in a all new formation. With the six songs included on Glowlamp's new album they will take the next steps on their road.

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  • Glowlamp

    AKB48, Momoiro Clover Z, AAA, SMAP, Shoko Nakagawa, Nami Tamaki, Nana Mizuki, Takashi water Hiroyuki, etc. served as a guitar recording and live support in many other, Hiroshi Ishii, which provides lyrics songs in animation and movie or the like is vocal of rie the encounter, he began working as Glowlamp. Glow ball and Glowlamp of the band name. It is a fluorescent lamp does not light and no. "Light your fire" = in activities "music, such as lit a light in the hearts of those who listen" to the concept. And a melody that can not be forgotten once you hear in the catchy, lyrics full of positive energy, have a reputation for live performance involving all venue. On July 2014, on the same day as YOSHIKI (X JAPAN), Nogizaka 46 of the European largest Japanese culture festival "JAPAN EXPO" held in France, live at the stage, live from the local audience and many media Collect the support of.

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