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    Good Music group from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Stylish, chill, danceable, groovy + spicy. Groovy + spicy. It's not a simple thing to do. You will be addicted to it if you listen to it. For you who want to be stimulated. A new sense of HIPHOP BAND for you who want stimulation. Led by ShouBit (Rap), the band consists of Sim Ra (Gt), KEN-ROW (Key), and Hallking (Ba), all of whom have diverse backgrounds. Kazuki Tada (Dr.) officially joins in March 2024. February 2021: The band begins its activities. In July of the same year, they won the Grand Prix at Sound Air 2021. The band was awarded the right to perform as the opening act for JOINALIVE2021. Although the event was cancelled due to the new coronavirus, they continued their energetic activities, including live performances and song releases. In August 2022, released a 3-song EP "The One" from FRIENDSHIP. In September of the same year, he performed as an opening act at JOIN ALIVE 2022 in full force. Three consecutive monthly releases from March to May 2023. On June 30 and July 2, they held two shows in Sapporo and Tokyo as a joint project with First Love is Never Returned, "COUNTERBLOW vol. 2. Both shows were sold out with only the Sapporo band, with Goethe and DOUBLIVING as guests. February 2024: Performed at ADAMat JABBERLOOP 3-man "Winter Is Nice" in Sapporo.

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