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Impression is very important.

anime but so

How ignorant children's programs are

Whether to convey love and peace happily

There is a deep message.

This song has a theme of bondage.

If you listen only with words, people

I receive it negatively, but

I want to convey it happily.

I'm making it a bright song.

There are many people who call news impression manipulation.

Anime, manga, novels, dramas, movies

There are a lot of impression manipulations in the world.

I'm just having fun telling you a song.

News is a way to convey that makes you feel dark because you want to raise awareness of danger.

Because I want you to take the reality deeply.

Even in a hated job

Each one always has a meaning.

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    Wanting to save my past self Nice to meet you. I'm BAKAMONO, formerly known as a fool What is BAKAMONO? An ARTIST who turns real-life experiences, rather than fictional stories, into songs from multiple perspectives. Characterized by life experiences that seem almost like fiction. While aiming to become a novelist since childhood, I learned songwriting after experiences during my student days and began artistic activities. I originally loved singing, so I write lyrics and compose music myself. Using my experience as a YouTuber, I edit videos to create lyric videos, PVs, and more on my own.

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