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"Zan-e" is the 3rd single distribution released on yoki .
A new song that brings about a scientific change in electro sounds and alternative rock.
This song is scheduled to be included in the MV release and the self-produced 1st EP.
Currently, many DEMO songs are being released on SNS etc.

Artist Profile

  • Yoki

    A singer song creator who is involved in a wide range of music writing, composition, arrangement, singing, guitar work, and artwork. The catchy rock/pop melodies and fantastic sounds of the songs create a worldview full of originality that follows the flow of the new generation. All of our works are based on strong and fleeting emotional sounds that sublimate weakness. He continues to pursue his own sound every day. From 2014 to December 2022, he was active as Vo/Gt of the 3-piece alternative rock band Shiranui. Currently based in Tokyo, he has resumed activities mainly on the Internet as Yoki.

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