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First work by rapper and beat maker Tanaka Hikaru and FKD based on Japan

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  • FKD

    Born in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo-based Sound Producer. He began street dancing at an early age and started DJing at the age of 16, influenced by US HipHop and R&B of the 00's. He then encountered the experimental beat music scene in LA and was greatly influenced by it. Later on, he was greatly influenced by the experimental beat music scene in LA, and started producing music. He also directs the creative group "VIBEPAK," and is involved in the cultural transmission of a closer crossover between dance and music. Starting with the release of the album "EGO TRIP" from OILWORKS Rec. in 2019, he has provided music and sound design for domestic and international artists, including Dry Echoes (Hikaru Tanaka x FKD) and FIC (FKD, Shun Ishiwaka Aaron Choulai), and Dewy (erie&FKD).

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  • Hikaru Tanaka

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