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SCENE" represents various "scenes" that take place in our lives. This song is not an exaggerated love story as depicted in movies and dramas, but rather, it depicts small moments and emotions that occur in our daily lives.

Holding hands, spending time together, growing old together, and other "ordinary" moments that we experience in our daily lives have special meaning in this song.

The word "SCENE" implies that each of these ordinary, everyday moments is considered a "scene" and that each scene has its own unique narrative. Love is not only a dramatic event, but also dwells in the small moments of everyday life, and this song expresses the beauty of sharing and cherishing such moments.

The title "SCENE" also expresses the passage of time and changes in scenery expressed in the lyrics. The changing "scenes" from a couple, through marriage, to an elderly couple, show that love continues beyond time. Our lives are composed of countless overlapping small "scenes," each of which has an irreplaceable and important meaning.

Thus, the title "SCENE" was chosen to express the love and bond that exist in the small moments of our daily lives. It is not an exaggeration, but a story of love that is quiet, yet deeply moving.

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