1. Island
  2. After the rain
  3. freeway
  4. coffee time
  5. To You
  6. FIRE!
  7. Gozen Yoji
  8. crema
  9. Thank you for your love

We are pleased to announce the release of Yumi's first mini-album called "ROUTE 134". The theme of this album is "Voice from Kamakura"(VFK). She was born and raised in Kamakura where is popular with the beautiful nature and historical townscape in Japan.
"Island" reminds us of the free sea breeze at Route 134. This song would be a standard for tripping by car.
"After the rain" is inspired by here town after the heavy rain. Also you can enjoy "freeway" as a playlist for the sweet melancholic day.
"Gozen Yoji" which means 4 AM is the first attempt to describe the complicated feelings among family in our youth. If you want to encourage yourself try to sing in a loud voice "FIRE!".
She started using comfortable loops after she started the new career as a professional artist. "crema" is one of those songs actually. With her perfectly clear voice the songs would be amazing.

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Thank you for your love

Apple Music/J-Pop トップソング/ラオス/5位/2020年6月28日


Yumi hosts her own radio program called "Kamakura FM Seaside cafe828". She graduated from a school of music majoring in musical. She had been acting the main cast on the stages. With clear vocal like the ocean, she tries to compose songs using impressive Japanese lyrics on the middle tempo rhythms. She started to focus on composing/performing along to the image of her birthplace Kamakura from 2019. The theme is called "Voice from Kamakura"(VFK). The gradation of the sunset colors and the culture mixed old and new atmosphere is herself. Her first album "ROUTE134" will be released in June 2020.

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