1. Pechka

You may sometimes daydream yourself as a frightened man fantasizing the romance and it certainly never goes well. Then you would ask a lady to show her mercy on yourself. See, you are trying to be the main character of your tragedy...
These things happens to all of us quite often and that is what you feel when you listen to this song. Pleas enjoy.


Around the end of 20th century, There happened to be a huge musical stream of Pop in Osaka, Japan. Takahiko Terada (Vocal and Drums) and Sei Nakafuji (Vocal and Guitar) were deep into those movement and have been building their song-writing skills and musicians' career from then. In 2015, they are meant to be starting a new band with each other's best reliable instrument players as Yoshi Nonomura (Keyboards) and Kengo Hirata (Bass), as Bookends. Bookends has got a couple of Lead Vocals and Songwriter, hence you will find both sides of unique character, sometimes pop and catchy, sometime just enthusiastically.

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