Music written by Hanah Spring, Kai Petite
Words by Hanah Spring, Kai Petite
Performed by Hanah Spring, Kai Petite, Gatz, Shanti
Mixed by Gatz

Hanah Spring

She was born to the sound of music. Raised by a jazz guitarist father, and a jazz singer mother, singing harmonies with 5 siblings in a big musician's family. From 2002 she's started to open up shows for Brian Mcknight, The Roots, Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu and she released her first album "soulflower" 2008. After released a few J-pop albums and left Universal Japan, she started a new career as a background singer for arena tour Asian star MISIA 2012-2019. She searched for her sound and released the "Handmade Soul" album 2014 which was produced with Satoshi Yoshida, MURO, Takuya Kuroda, Kan Sano, became No.1 on iTunes Jazz chart, Billboard JAPAN Top Jazz Album, and major high-resolution audio DL platform. 2018 album "Dreamin'" was on Spotify Soul Music Japan playlist for many weeks and also each platforms R&B chart. Touring with her acoustic guitar throughout Japan and visit other countries, from small venues to Fuji Rock Festival, Tokyo Jazz Festival, and also annual concert with her family is a tradition to her fans as well. 2020 She became completely independent and making her own music.

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