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Fist Man - Genkotsu Ojisan -


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The long-awaited second single by the threatening super unit "DaNINKS" has been released from the label "VASTA RECORDS (What'suppp Entertainment)". The name of the song is "Genkotsu Ojisan (Fist Man)". Abdominal muscles collapse! It'll make even the crying child smile in silence! In times like these, we have a savior! The music video, which transcends the limits of genre, is also a must-see. This album also features a cappella music! Royalty free! We're continuing our mission to make the world smile.

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    DaNINKS" is a super DJ unit of Katsuya Mouri and ZUNDOKO ROPPONGI. VASTA RECORDS (What'suppp Entertainment)" label He started his career as an artist with a grand plan called "Operation World Smile". Sometimes cool, sometimes silly! His track making is centered on keeping a smile on his face. Listen loud! You can dance painfully! Motivation! The company is currently releasing funky and powerful dance tracks. 2020 / 8 1st single "Painful! Zundoko Daisakusen - GOLDEN BOMBER ed. 2020/12/11 m-flo loves chelmico "RUN AWAYS" Remix Contest for DaNINKS Remix 2021 / 3 2nd single "Genkotsu Ojisan(Fist Man) 2021 / 5 3rd single "Airport Terminal2021 / 7 4th single [Chai cheese feat.Calros Machan


cross groove/VASTA RECORDS/What'suppp Entertainment