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Shiki No Monogatari (The Tale Of Four Seasons) - The only thing that is constant is change. This change is particularly depicted by the cycle of seasons which passes through Haru(Spring), Natsu(Summer), Aki(Autumn), and Fuyu(Winter).

Haru(Spring) is the time when life emerges from hibernation. It's the time of rebirth.
Natsu(Summer) brings sweltering heat and it calls for refreshing and rejuvenating our lives.
Aki(Autumn) is the harvest season. It is a time to be thankful to nature and offer prayers for bounties harvest.
Fuyu(Winter) takes us through a dark and cold phase which we must overcome to become a stronger version of ourselves.

The Characteristic of this natural phenomenon of changing seasons is deeply embedded in the tune, melody, and lyrics of this song. The mellow harmonious instrumentals along with Japanese Koto infused with Hip Hop flava by Kushmir, melodious Japanese-English rap by Ibex, and a crystalline voice by Hiroko play a crucial role to bring out this aesthetic beauty and design of nature more powerfully in this Chill Hip Hop song.

Team Mystic Jounetsu (Ibex, Kushmir & Hiroko) celebrates nature's ever changing beauty and evokes the splendour of the changing seasons with Shiki No Monogatari. With this song they strike a chord between the cycle of seasons with the rhythm of people's lives.

This project has brought strong affinity to the beauty of Nature and in this song various elements of nature are depicted to exude elegance and glorify the full radiant beauty of the transition of the four seasons. They are closely linked to this natural cycle and this gave rise to a profound appreciation for the glorious four seasons. Incorporating seasonal elements into their skills they aim to bring beauty into people's lives through Shiki No Monogatari.

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