Casiotunes! Compilation

  1. The Adventure of Spring Breeze
  2. Beat Bank Twenty-one
  3. The President of Great Tokyo
  4. The smallest and best keyboard in the world
  5. ki-o-ku
  6. Big Foot
  7. Retro Future Afterschool
  8. Meadow
  9. merge
  10. Small Friends
  11. A mountain where medicinal plants grow
  12. VS. I have to move foward
  13. What You Get is What You Got
  14. Blooms on you
  15. Suki! Suki! Casiotone

The "Casiotone" Portable Keyboard Compilation album is hereby!
The only condition is to use any "Casiotone" keyboard.
There are famous composers participate in this album such as"Shibata" from "Pasocom Music Club" who work at "Pokemon" ending theme song, and "Yokemura" from popular chip tune unit "YMCK".
We also have line-up of well-loved music simulation game composers like "mu-station", "Saitone", "ELEKTEL", "Tsugumi Kataoka(ex. Parquets)" and more young fresh talented artists!
This masterpiece-perfect work will never let you disappointed.

Various Artists

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