Party Express (feat. Trash)

  1. Party Express (feat. Trash)

Last year's mixtape "Motive" and later, while doing guest performances of a number of songs, as a solo name is a long-time New Yujiro new single.
The other day, "HARDBOILED" was released and BOIL RHYME welcomes Trash (Trash), and according to the title, it is finished in a refreshing tune as if riding on a fast train.
Produced by two MCs and their intimate DJ PANASONIC, co-animated animation videos and the art direction of the jacket are produced by FisH.

Young Yujiro

YOUNG YUJIRO is a rapper from Abeno , Osaka. HIBRID ENTERTAINMENT is a member of the company since its inception in 2016. From the time of its inception, the recording studio "Blue Very Studio", Operates the video team "HAZE WAVE FILMS", Beyond the range of rappers, he has worked as a video director, producer, and recording engineer on numerous songs. After launching the label as a founder of hybrid entertainment, Individuals have announced four mixtapes: "Y.A.N.A" (2016), "No. 102" (2017), "Motive" (2018), and "Ghost" (2019).

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