Duke of Harajuku


Yea im skating


Way up in the sky

Getting all this air like im Tony Hawk

Naw I aint wearing no Jordans

Side bitch kinda cute

Yea, but my main one oh so gorgeous

Naw dont ask what are those

Cuz I guarantee you cant afford it

Only got my mind on making fortunes

In my head I keep hearing lil voiceeeees

Talm bout Duke go get em

Im in a house full of freaks out in Tokyo and they all gonna get

She caught the holy ghost off the way that I hit it

Im wearing trucker caps, but you still rocking fitteds

I went straight from Georgia to Tokyo

I figured all this out on my own

I just be doing me and thats why Im on

Yea uh

Got them racks in

I done fucked around

Lost my damn accent

Dont let me get a mil, Im gone pull me a yeezus

Buy me some land out in the plains on Jesus

Dont need no plain jane that shit is low tech

All I need is a G-shock that shit is hi-tech

With them features on deck

I keep all these hoes wet

I tre-flip wit no deck

Turn 10 racks to a check

I dont need yo respect

I wasnt made in Tokyo

But Tokyo made me

Swear to god imma have me bout 10 blasian babies

Lord knows that I drove my mamma crazy

Imma give her everything she want because she made me

I made a new lane for a different breed of human

After this album yea Im gone be on a new one


Im on to some other shit

Hop on the mothership

Had to take a couple losses but now im over it

Overflowing like a faucet this that Fiji drip

Look the clit off in the eye and kiss them pussy lips yea

I come through with that yea

Please do not hit my phone I dont need none dat dere

Please just leave me alone cuz Im in my own wwwuh

Got deez Evisus on you cannot get deez yea

Deez aint no number 9

She like it from behind

She be blowin my mind

Way she wind way she wind

I dont drink Henny just wine

Dont drink Henny just wine

That shit get me so right

That shit get me so riiiight

  • 作曲

    star boy

  • 作詞

    Duke of Harajuku


Duke of Harajuku の“TONY HAWK”を


ストリーミング / ダウンロード

昨年リリースされた「DUKE OF HARAJUKU」EPに続く1stアルバム「RAZZLE DAZZLE」(ラズル・ダズル)をtokyovitaminからリリース。今作は盟友プロデゥーサーstar boyと作り続けてきたDuke of Harajukuらしい原宿宇宙戦サウンドと彼の幅広いヴォーカルを見せる14曲が含まれている。