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Mini album of voice actor "Kanako Kondo" active in games "BLAZBLUE", "Puyo Puyo", etc.!
KANA and CHISE of "Mystery Girls Project" participated in the title song "forever" with lyrics and chorus.
Shinobu Kato of "SANICHIGO" participated in "Hinageshi" with songwriting and guitar & chorus.
Also includes "memory", a songwriting composition by Kanako Kondo himself.

Artist Profile

  • Kanako Kondoh

    In 2002, "G.G.F." made a voice actor debut as an Alexandrite. Appeared in many anime and game works such as the heroine Noel Vermilion of 2D fighting game "BLAZBLUE". In addition, he is in charge of narration for TV programs and commercials, and personality for radio programs. Focused on music activities, released 2011 mini album "Pandora", 2012 full album "Album ♪", 2013 full album "MIRROR", 2014 full album "Prism", 2016 full album "fraction" .

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