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Nowadays, people can send their music to listeners without going to live houses or clubs, and they can communicate with each other on social networking sites. There are a lot of people who have never met each other and they are only connected by music without knowing what they look like, just like the ghosts that rap.

This song was a new challenge for me because I tried a new flow that I had never tried before, which is rapping at double speed for a long time over a hyper-pop-oriented beat.

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Rap Ghost

Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 26 Oct 2023 Spotify • Best New Music: DIGLE SOUND • 30 Oct 2023

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    Born in 1990 in Kumamoto, Japan and currently living in Chiba, Japan. His first encounter with hip-hop was in junior high school. He started his career in the countryside without any friends, and as a result he became a DIY artist, doing everything himself, including beats, recording, mixing, etc. As a beatmaker, he specializes in boombap-based chill sounds with jazz elements, and as a rapper, he is a versatile artist characterized by his skillful rapping and smooth flow. He was active in Tokyo and on the Internet as a solo artist, contributing songs to CREW and TORAUMA (rapper), but went on hiatus in 2023 after 4 years of inactivity, and was brought back to the surface by TORAUMA, and has been active as a solo artist with monthly releases ever since. In 2023, TORAUMA's "TSUBAKI", for which SEESAW had worked on beats in the past, created a buzz, especially on TikTok.

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