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  • Hideki Nishiura

    A singer who fascinates women with her transparent and sweet singing voice. She is from Osakasayama City, Osaka Prefecture, and is also a tourism ambassador. She continues to sing, believing that she will have eternal love by facing various forms of love and various human patterns from the bottom of her heart. She made her debut in November 2005 with the single "Ring". Her catchphrase is "a ballad that talks about forbidden love," which is reminiscent of the Korean drama that was booming at the time. Her fourth single was produced during the production of the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake, and she produced a cheering song "Glory Days" to encourage herself. Adopted for "93rd National High School Field Championship Iwate Prefecture Tournament Theme Song". The following year, "Missing piece" IAT Iwate Asahi Te He is the theme song for Levi "IAT Super J Channel" and "Junjou Cheering Song 2012". Music with various genres and stories, produced by "Jin Nakamura" who has released 9 singles to date and has worked on EXILE and TVXQ in recent years, and "Ryota Mitsunaga" who is longing for his brother. We are expanding the range of musicality by challenging. In 2016, he made his debut as "Kanitama", a band with improvisational reasons born from the simultaneous live broadcast program "Hideki Nishiura's Aim Red and White!" On FRESH! By AbemaTV and Nico Nico Live Broadcasting. In 2018, "Kanashimini Sayonara" is covered under the arrangement produced by Anzen Chitai members Yutaka Takezawa and Haruyoshi Rokudo. In 2020, he became the tourism ambassador of his hometown, Osakasayama City. "Like" that spells out the feelings of the locals and "Important things" that express the hopes and wishes of people living in the present to connect the future Both A singles released on December 9, 2020.

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