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Lonely Girl", a platform for people who are a little tired all over the world, has released its third compilation album!
This album is based on the jacket design that was released in advance, and 28 unique songs are included, each of which was created from the imagination of the public.
The album features 28 unique songs, each created from the imagination of the public based on the jacket design that was released in advance. ""masaki kawasaki", "vuefloor", "phalinos", "DoroDango" and others, who also participated in the previous album,
In addition, 18 new artists, including "Roku" and "DEFRIC," who have released many albums on the Japanese Lo-Fi Hip Hop label "Japanolofi Records," have also participated in this release.
The album is a collection of songs that will keep listeners entertained and provide a chilled out experience.
The artwork was created by Tomoko Oshima, an illustrator and cartoonist,
The illustration of a lonely girl with a sense of the season stirs the imagination.

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zoing out while wating

Spotify • Lonely Girl - I’m a little tired... • 12 May 2023 Spotify • New Music Everyday - tuneTracks (curated by TuneCore Japan) • 10 May 2023

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