1. Rize
  3. Full Moon
  4. Siren
  5. Even if the stars fell down

Hecatoncheir sisters First Mini Album 'virgin'
Immediately after the formation, the genuine initial impulse recorded before the first live. It's different from garage lock, it's also different from blues lock. There is no concept. We just wanted to hear "Hecatoncheir sisters".
'Virgin' is what we are today. Now it is white, but now it will be black, red and blue. I do not want to be white forever. So I left it with sound. 'Virgin'

Hecatoncheir sisters

Hecatoncheir sisters is the rock band from Osaka, Japan. Poetic lyrics with a straight sound to show overwhelming staging. Now, this band is to produce the hottest scene in Osaka.

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