Diva of the stricken area

  1. Aunty of NANIWA
  2. Go for it, it is a folk song
  3. Pride
  4. I link the heart to you again
  5. The cherry tree which blooms for 100 years.
  6. The gentian
  7. Mandarin duck
  8. I will move forward.
  9. Folk song of HIKARU
  11. King of poop
  12. Festival song of HIKARU
  13. HIKARU the SORAN
  14. Love Storm
  15. Song of thank you

"Hikaru Okuno," the diva of the stricken area is the best album CD to report genuine spirit to as a genreless singer!
It is genreless and sends 15 music of best albums from a ballad and pop music to YOSAKOI, an enka ballad and Eurobeat.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, I perform 1100 times free lives as "a temporary diva" and "a diva of the revival" at a stricken area.
The sales of this album become the free live expense to hold at a stricken area.


Singer-Okuno Hikaru. Tohoku Earthquake later, I am carrying out activities to deliver healthy to everyone of the victims perform live every month temporary housing. That number was exceeded 1100 times. I perform the Kumamoto earthquake temporary housing live broadcasting from December, 2016.It combines the narrative of singing ability and laughter of all genres, unique one and only super vocalist. Earn a number of titles, such as singing in Japan since childhood to learn a folk song from 5 years of age. I sing skillfully regardless of Western and Japanese music such as folk songs, pop songs, pop rock dance number. Beside that appeared to events and lectures around the country, such as Character and CM song It has also been featured in various media and has worked many.

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