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Trackmaker 'Addpico', who won 2nd place in the club music category at the 3rd 8 bar awards, has released his award-winning song 'STOP AND GO' in full size! This is a sharp electro-pop tune with French Electro, Colour Bass, and 2-Step, based on the theme of "stillness and movement"!

The symbolic part of this song is the "STOP" at the beginning, followed by 8 bars of the "GO" beat. After that, the song moves into a light 2-Step - the tempo changes as the chords intertwine in response to the protagonist's conflict, and the dance beat develops in accordance with the protagonist who has set a new destination. Also, the vocoder voice singing strongly is a must-hear!

*Taku Takahashi (m-flo), who served as a judge for the 3rd 8 bar award, praised the song, saying, "If you are aware of the relativity of the kick and bass, I think you can go anywhere in the world.

Lyrically, the song is about the race of life and how the protagonist moves forward. In a world where we don't know if there is a goal, we sometimes get lost.
We run with a destination in mind, and then we stop. This repetition of short sprints is the challenge of this endless race.

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