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Haruto Douzen, who specializes in writing songs in a variety of genres, presents his new single "Lovers In Sorrow," a Lofi ballad. The theme of the song is not just a sad farewell to a loved one, but also a message song for the future, in which the main character herself realizes true love through the separation.
The song invites listeners into the world of the song with the sad and beautiful voice of "Luna Goami," a talented singer who has sung and written lyrics for the 2021 TBS drama "Saiai," the anime "Osomatsu-san," "Shaman King," and the stage play "Demon Slayer".
This song was mixed by music producer Daisuke Imai, and the music video by Yuichi Kameyama of the CG production company Leon Studio. The music video, which is tailored to tell a story, is also beautiful.

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